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Welcome! Glad you could stop by and chat for a moment. I am a believer in Jesus Christ who has a burning desire to help women find a greater faith, a deeper love and a revived life. Nothing makes me jump up and down more than watching a sister blossom in her faith. Mine included. I’m a work in process myself, looking for the confidence to do the thing that God has called me to do. 

My life’s been wrapped up in a bible study I wrote, “Arise My Beautiful One – Finding Identity through the Song of Solomon.” I would rather like to say “He” wrote it, but then I would be messing with having proper theology. I think you know what I mean. It brings women on a faith journey, to fall madly in love with their Savior, and gain confidence to stand up and be counted. Just like the Song of Solomon bride did.

It’s been painful writing my Bible study. Not only from my desk and various coffee shops, but from weeping on the floor. But a good kind pain that led my soul to find healing. Because it’s more painful to remain as is. To not fix what’s broken. To not let the seeds of faith grow up and blossom into the beautiful bride He intended.

When I see a woman who is downcast and without worth, I see a woman with an expensive wedding dress in her hands afraid to put it on. I also see God’s hand trying to lift her chin up. That’s what the Song of Solomon taught me. That God is madly in love with us and is willing to wait for our faith to grow into that dress.

He created our faith to be a work in process. Keep on the path and fight for your faith, because in Christ we are already winners!