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Due to the Christmas season, I’m missing out on my deep Bible study time. Time is already in short supply for me. I work ten-hour days, four days a week and try to steal whatever time I can to devote to the Word and writing, without missing out on the rest of my life.

I found myself mega shopping this weekend, by myself, which is the only way to get it done in a hurry. Before I started my shopping frenzy, I had found my favorite Bible study author, Beth Moore and her daughter Amanda on Twitter.  So I piped them into my phone to add some spiritual dimension to my rapidly developing shopping stress. While I was out, I started receiving text messages from the two.

Okay God, what great message do you have for me right now? Apparently they were doing the same thing I was. Amanda tweeted, “That awkward moment when someone uses the magnifying mirror on display at Bed, Bath and Beyond to deal with their acne in front of everyone.” Pretty soon Beth tweeted back, “@ AmandaMoJo, please don’t buy that one.”

I was expecting some deep spiritual truth but what I got was a mother and daughter in relationship. It deepened my resolve that our life has it’s place in the Word, but life is also meant to be put into practice and shared with others. We need not pick one or the other, but work to create a dance between the two loves. Love for God and love for man.

The next day I was planning my last chance shopping workout before Christmas when my daughter called and wanted to go with me. I picked her up, let go of my stress and to-do list. I focused on spending time with her. While we were out I thought of Beth and Amanda. No. I felt like I was Beth and she was Amanda, even though there was no one working on their acne at Bed, Bath and Beyond. And she has better taste than me, so I have no business telling her what to buy.

So what does God want for Christmas? Under His divine tree, His outstretched arms on a cross, we are privileged to give Him the gift of His love to others. Like a basket full of the fruit of the season: love, peace and joy. And the greatest of these is love.

“God, may your Word be forever in our hearts as we manifest it to the ones you love.”