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I’m not an avid baker, but on Christmas Eve, I found myself making these gooey green Christmas wreaths with my granddaughters. They are like rice crispy treats only with corn flakes and green food coloring. They were my favorite Christmas treat growing up and I haven’t had them for well over 30 years.

The first batch was a flop. Instead of following a recipe, I bought a jar of marshmallow creme and had at it. It was like a hot glue gun gone bad. Sparsely coated corn flakes stuck to my fingers like sap and the gooey globs refused to be conformed to anything close to a wreath like shape. But I wasn’t about to let the Grinch steal Christmas.

Thanks to google and u-tube, I found the proper way of doing things and surprised myself on how easy they were to make. If I had taken a little more time to learn how to make them in the first place, I wouldn’t be scrubbing my green fingers to the bone, grieving over wasted marshmallow creme.

I couldn’t find the picture we took of my slimy green hands from the first batch, so’s here is one of my daughter seriously in love with the toaster I got her.

Image  Our lives mirror this scene. If we take a little time each day to pull out the recipe book for life, His Word, and follow His plan instead of thinking we’ve got this all figured out, we’d get a lot more than a toaster out of the deal. We can try all we want but we won’t understand a divine love until we seek to know how to show it from His Word. We will be sure and leave out a few key ingredients every time. His plan is full proof and it works. My life is a testimony of that. I’ve made a flop of my life many times.  Now, I am beside myself that He gave me a second chance to do things His way and clean the green goo of this world from my heart by the washing of water through His Word.

I love Him dearly and the Words that He speaks to me every day. Thank you Lord Jesus!