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We are priceless before God. Yet, many of us struggle with our worth. Long ago, my low self worth masqueraded as humility. Afraid to speak up, I was content stepping aside to please others. I was a sorry leader. No ability to change lives. I thought being really nice to others was my gift of love.

But this was not love. This was fear.

I realized my ability to love, was tied to what I believed about my worth. I couldn’t give away what I didn’t have. That concept motivated me to conquer internal battles and find my true value in God’s eyes.

Self worth rooted in God, has the ability to take the lead and encourage change in others. To come alongside people to build their faith. Encourage them. Hope for them. Believe in them. Lift them up, throwing pom-poms in the air while they run ahead of us.

It’s hard to love like this when you’re feeling worthless. When asked, “Why is it hard to encourage others?” I heard the comment, “If I encourage others, then where does that leave me?”

Our ability to love is tied to what we believe about our worth.

What if the church embraced her worth, how different would she be? How do you know your value in Christ?