June 2013 022

I had a good friend shut me out of her life.

It hurt, because I put her on the pedestal. I thought she was that perfect saint, the one you can always count on. That invincible, secure and unshakable person, capable of building a friendship with spiritual fortress dimensions. Instead, she acted out of character and hurt me. I realized I only knew a persona.

I sat on the edge of bitterness, with another go around of spiritual acid reflux. I dug through my heart, looking for that generic forgiveness medication I use, the kind that pokes sheer will power at bile. I decided it was time to deal with that sour taste that keeps me up at night.

I pushed the shift key.

I shifted her down off the pedestal and searched for the deeper truth. The real truth how God sees her. I saw a woman wounded and in need of healing. A woman ashamed of her real self. A woman in need of a Father who loves her.

When I looked to see her need, instead of a fallen angel I despised, I could see the cry of her heart. I offered her hope and prayed for her healing. I let go of the pedestal, and counted her among the broken.

Will she heal or change just because I forgave her? Probably not.

But I don’t have to shut her out.