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live love laughYesterday, Ed and I attended a funeral in Seattle that moved us to the core.

Jim was a childhood neighbor of my husband’s, and still lived next door to Ed’s parents when he passed away Tuesday.

My husband and I sat mesmerized by the many stories that gushed out of the six kids that Jim step-fathered. His step-grandkids chimed in as well. They loved him and never once felt like the word “step” was in the equation. Betty, their mother who passed away two years ago, was the love of his life and the kids even sang their song, “If You Love Me Let Me Know.” Their home was the source of joy to their family, and now his passing leaves a gaping hole.

It was sweet stuff.

Then what followed was even more compelling. One you don’t hear of often. Or maybe never.

Years ago, one of Jim’s friends wife just gave birth to a baby, when his friend received a draft notice to leave and go fight the Korean War. Jim was appalled, so he volunteered and off Jim went to fight the war in the place of his friend.

The world could use more hero’s like Jim.