About Suzanne

I know, my last name seems hard to pronounce. Don’t worry if you happen to butcher it. It’s Czechoslovakian and according to my mother-in-law, my husband and I don’t even pronounce it right. In our house we say “Co-Hinka.”

My love language is coffee and my Lord is Jesus Christ. I love browsing through bookstores looking for something I don’t own. Then spending hours at a time sitting at a cafe with my Bible, laptop and a carmel machiatto.

I’m a deep thinker, encourager and avid Bible study geek. I serve in women’s ministries and teach Bible studies. I love working with women and dealing with our stuff.

Ed and I have settled into the empty nester season of our lives. We have three grown children and are the proud grandparents of four adorable little girls, who keep our hearts in the pink.

God has redeemed my life and I am thankful. I am blessed with family, church, writer’s groups and most of all – the cross and the God who died for me.

Jesus, you are the love of my life.


2 thoughts on “About Suzanne”

  1. Pastor Pat said:

    I love this…..Your family is Blessed.

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