Love & Unity

Welcome to my blog series called, “Love & Unity.” The idea came to me when we were establishing a vision for women’s ministries in my church.

I used to think growing the church would happen if the music was right, the programs were vibrant and we had lots of activities to attend. Not to say these are wrong. They are important tools for us to use, except something was missing in my approach.

We can use the tools all we want but what’s at the heart of building a church is not physical. What’s more is that it can be hard to grasp because we cannot measure it, check it off a list or simply buy it at the store. It’s a heart issue that we cannot control in others. The only thing we can do is gather those people together who believe in Christ and His Word, to plant the seeds in a remnant of people who want to forsake the status quo of church, and shine like a city on a hill.

As a church, we have much to learn about love and unity. My first blog on this subject opens our eyes to what love and unity can do for a church so don’t miss it. You can find it with the title, “Love & Unity – Introduction” or under the catagory tab, “Love & Unity.” I am looking forward to hearing your comments and deepening our understanding on this topic.

God Bless!


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